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What's the greatest challenge at your company?
Got People Problems?
Submit your challenges and I'll cover them on the podcast! 
  • Can't find the right people to join your company? 
  • Aren't sure about employment laws?
  • How can you energize your employees?
  • You have NO idea how you fit into the mix at your company!
  • Not sure you can figure it out yourself? 
Why are your interviews FAILING to give you the BEST employees? 

You work hard to find good candidates. You take time out of your schedule to review the resumes. You schedule interviews. You find the best candidate and make an offer.
Glad the hard part is over! 

Then ... the employee comes to work late all the time. The new employee doesn't get along with anyone at the company. The new employee offended one of your key customers in the first week!

What happened?!?

You are not alone when it comes to thinking you GOT IT RIGHT during the interview and then realizing you GOT IT SO WRONG once someone starts working for you. It happens all the time. When you review resumes you are making sure the person has the right skills and experience compared to your job description.

When you interview, it's easy to focus on questions that are already on the resume instead of what isn't on the resume.

Are you interviewing the RESUME or the PERSON?

Most interviews focus on the resume asking questions about skills, experience, and education. 

Most problems lie with behavior not skills but often past behaviors aren't covered in the interview.

Change your approach by incorporating the important questions in this guide!

It's easy to think that the way you've always done something is going to be the best way. But aren't you tired of this happening over and over again?!?

"She gets entrepreneurs."
Kim Walsh-Phillips
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